FRYER Cobot Arm

The revolutionary
robotic system
for frying fries

Imagine a frying system that perfectly prepares fries and incorporates advanced robotics technology. The FRYER Cobot Arm is an automated frying system that elevates frying to an entirely new level of efficiency and precision. The dosing system is finely tuned to deliver consistent portions of fries. See the Cobot in action here.

Safe precision

This innovative system begins with an intelligent dosing mechanism that dispenses the right amount of fries into the baskets
. subsequently, the FRYER Cobot Arm comes into action. Equipped with advanced sensors and a delicate grip, the Cobot Arm places the fryer baskets into the frying pan with flawless, controlled movement The FRYER Cobot Arm is designed to execute each motion precisely, ensuring the fryer baskets are ideally submerged in the oil for an even and golden frying result.

Let the FRYER Cobot Arm handle the work for you, so your customers can enjoy delicious, perfectly fried fries.

Efficient and streamlined process

After an optimal frying time, the FRYER Cobot Arm retrieves the baskets of fries from the frying pan and gently shakes them to remove excess oil. Subsequently, the crispy fries are automatically directed to the serving tray, ready for the customer. This ensures an efficient and streamlined process, where each step is executed meticulously using advanced robotics technology.

Hygiene and safety

In addition to significantly enhancing frying speed and consistency, the FRYER Cobot system also offers advantages in terms of hygiene and safety. The controlled and automated working environment reduces the risk of accidents substantially. Moreover, the FRYER Cobot system can be easily cleaned and maintained, resulting in an optimally hygienic work environment.

Demonstration of the FRYER Cobot Arm

With the FRYER Cobot, we offer a robotic frying system: a revolutionary and efficient solution for frying fries. With precision, speed, and reliability, this system elevated the quality of the frying process to new heights. We understand that such a purchase requires careful consideration and that you want to try and experience the system. Therefore, schedule an appointment with one of our advisors to demonstrate the FRYER Cobot Arm.