FRYER Transfer Fry wall

The ideal solution
for efficient
frying processes!


FRYER Transfer Fry wall

The Transfer Fry Wall is the perfect solution if you’re working in the frying industry and seeking a reliable and efficient way to optimise frying processes. This advanced transfer frying system enhances your business processes and elevates productivity to new heights.

With the Transfer Frying Wall, you can fry up to 10 kg of product at once (pre-frying), significantly boosting your production without compromising quality. Imagine the time and energy savings with this automated system. No longer will intensive manual frying be necessary.

Thanks to its seamless functionality, reliability, and labour-saving features,
the FRYER Transfer system stands out from traditional frying methods.

Embrace efficiency

The FRYER Transfer Fry Wall has a double linear guide and a counterweight system, ensuring stability and power during tilting. This guarantees reliability, reduces disruptions, and extends the system’s lifespan. the system operates quietly, can be adjusted at different speeds, and is safe.

Beyond the impressive speed and capacity, the FRYER Transfer system is also designed with the well-being of your staff in mind. Automating the frying process diminishes the need for heavy manual labour, relieving your employees and reducing their workload. This creates a more pleasant work environment, enabling your team to focus on the other essential tasks.

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