FRYER Stand-alone

Must have in the professional kitchen

A FRYER Stand-alone fryer is a must have in the professional kitchen. Place it under a exhaust hood and you have a powerful system that allows you to fry large quantities of products quickly and efficiently in a small area.

Ideal for restaurants, fast food franchises and the leisure industry where production capacity, speed and consistency are of utmost importance.

The Fryer Stand-alone allows you to achieve an unprecedented production capacity on a daily basis, hassle-free and comfortable.

FRYER Stand-alone gas

The Fryer Stand-alone is available in both gas and electric versions and is very energy efficient. The gas version is equipped with the most powerful and energy-efficient pan available on the market. Thanks to the high capacity, you not only increase your turnover but also realize considerable savings on your energy bill. Count your profits!

FRYER Stand-alone electric

The electric version of the FRYER Stand-alone is equipped with a unique tilting element of 10kW per basket. The unique feature of this tilting element is its design. It ensures that the pan has perfect temperature control and oil does not burn at the element. With this powerful electric version you can easily fry 2 to 2.5 kG of fries per basket.


Why choose a FRYER stand-alone?

  • Highest achievable and proven efficiency of 98%.
  • Power 32 to 38 kW
  • High capacity (at least 70 kG fries per hour)
  • Automatic ignition
  • Unique communication unit
  • Modulating and PID control
  • Low oil/grease cost (40% less)
  • Longer oil/fat life
  • Low gas costs (50% less)
  • User-friendly touch screen
  • DVGW certificate
  • Various options possible