FRYER Modules

From standard modules to custom solutions
FRYER fryer installations are designed based on the latest insights from practice and equipped with state-of-the-art techniques. A frying wall can be composed of various modules. Every conceivable combination is possible, with our designers considering routing, staffing, and the required production capacity. In addition to the standard modules, customisation is also an option. For example, think of integrating a lava grill, induction place, etc.

We offer various built-in options, such as:

  • High or low extraction
  • Automatically operated grease filtration system with grease trays and drawer guides
  • Additional shelf space
  • The FRYER Cobot Arm: a robotic arm for frying fries

Feel free to inquire about all possibilities or schedule an appointment with an advisor.

FRYER Straight Boiler

Gas, high efficiency 98% (5mm thick steel) or electric (3mm thick stainless steel)
Capacity 32, 38 kW or 10, 20, 30, 40 kW
Frying capacity: 2.5 KG fries per basket
Equipped with tilting elements
Includes 1, 2, 3, 4 baskets or pre-fry griddle
CE and DVGW certified
Flat inclined bottom with crumb tray and cold zone
Digital resistive touchscreen with modulating operational software (PID-control)

FRYER Round Boiler

Gas (high efficiency, 96%)
Frying capacity: 5 KG fries
Capacity 38 Kw, 440 mm diameter deep-drawn
CE and DVGW certified
Digital resistive touchscreen with modulating operational software (PID-control)

FRYER Mirror Griddle Plate

Electric (gas available upon request)
Available in 40, 60, and 80 cm width
Thermostatic or digitally adjustable
Includes grease drip tray

FRYER Bain-Marie

Standard version 3x 1/3 GN (in depth of the appliance)
Optional: insulated version
Also available in 1 ½ and 2/1 GN sizes
Can also be placed width wise of the appliance
Temperature range up to 90C
Temperature can be adjusted continuously, also digitally controlled
Connection: 230 Volts

FRYER scoop

Standard electrically heated from below
Easy to clean
Water outlet tap
Available in various sizes: 350, 400, 450, and 500 mm
Connection: 230 Volts

FRYER Work Unit

Optional with a large working drawer in the base
Optional with a plastic top (approx. 45×55 cm)

FRYER Transfer

10 kg pre-frying capacity
38 kW, 98% efficiency
Large basket, optionally Teflon-coated
Unique robotic system, powerful and quiet

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