The assurance of a
dependable fryer installation

Maintenance and service of the
highest level

Every FRYER installation is designed and developed with the utmost care. Our passion for quality and perfection extends to our after-sales service as well. For maintenance and any issues, we collaborate with nationally operating service teams: a dedicated selection of trained and certified partners who fully comprehend the intricacies of FRYER technology and can promptly respond on-site. Maintenance, diagnostics, repairs – everything is executed according to the high standards set by The FRYER Company. With attention to detail, we ensure that our customers’ fryer installations remain in top condition. And did we mention our standard warranty of 2 years on parts, 5 years on gas-fired boilers, and 7 years on our electric stainless steel boilers?

Certified productions

Our certified fryer boilers are the the epitome of safety and quality in the frying industry. We have ensured that all our boilers meet the strictest standards and regulations, particularly on gas technical inspections.

GWI Gas technical inspection 7 DVGW Certification

In Germany, we have engaged the renowned GWI (Gas- und Warme-Institute) for the gas technical inspection of our fryer boilers. GWI is known for its expertise and independence in testing and certifying gas equipment. This ensures that our boilers have been thoroughly assessed for safety and comply with all relevant German regulations and standards.

As evidence of this inspection, we have received the certificate from DVGW (Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas- und Wasserfaches). DVGW is a respected organisation responsible for advancing gas and water technology. The certificate they have issued confirms that our fryer boilers meet the highest safety and quality requirements in terms of gas usage.

CE Certification

In addition to German certification, we have also secured CE certification for our products. The CE mark is a mandatory conformity marking within the European Economic Area (EEA), indicating that our fryer boilers comply with all relevant European directives concerning health, safety, and the environment.