Choosing the new
generation in fryer walls

Joining forces for the production
of next-level fryer installations

FRYER fryer installations have been developed based on decades of experience. Gert Versloot en Martijn van Ramselaar have joined forces to develop, produce, and market sustainable fry walls. Their innovations and kettle development have set a new standard in the industry. These sustainable kettles establish a new norm, meeting the last requirements and advancements. FRYER kettles stand for user-friendliness and quality, encompassing aspects like hygiene, frying capacity, and ease of service.

“In developing FRYER kettles, we carefully examined how to maximise efficiency. Our new HR fryer kettles feature a flat bottom and, compared to conventional kettles, not only save 70% on gas consumption and reduce oil (or grease) consumption. A FRYER thus offers the best frying quality while also being cost-effective.’’”

Gert Versloot

Reliable. Dependable.

Quality can be seen and experienced in every detail of a FRYER fry wall. Starting with the use of AISI 304 stainless steel. This high-quality material is hygienic, corrosion-resistant, and easy to maintain. However, the focus is primarily on the underlying technology. FRYER kettles are reliable and dependable, developed to deliver very high frying capacities consistently, even under the most demanding conditions.

“Our mission is to enable customers to create perfect fried products quickly and abundantly. Quality, capacity, sustainability, and user-friendliness are our focal points. We’re always eager to incorporate new innovations to maintain these core values at the highest level. Continuous collaboration with users and our technical expertise are essential in achieving this goal. ”

Martijn van Ramselaar

Sustainability and circularity
at the forefront

At our company, sustainability and circularity are of paramount importance. As producers of stainless steel fryer walls, we aim to manufacture our products responsibly while positively impacting the environment.

Read below to learn how we embody sustainability and circularity within
our company.

Raw materials and material selection

We carefully choose high-quality stainless steel, known for its durability and recyclability. By using this material, we reduce the use of harmful substances and minimise waste production.

Energy efficiency

We’ve invested in energy-efficient production processes and equipment. by employing energy-efficient technologies, we minimise our ecological footprint and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

Waste management and recycling

We aim for a closed-loop system by reusing residual materials and cutting waste. Through recycling and reuse, we decrease the amount of waste going to landfills and reduce the need for new materials.

Product lifespan

Our fryer walls are designed for longevity. We strive for high quality and durability, ensuring our products withstand wear and aging. This extends the lifespan of our products and reduces the demand for replacements.

Maintenance and repairs

We encourage our customers to perform regular maintenance and conduct necessary repairs instead of purchasing new products. We provide technical support and spare parts to ensure our products last as long as possible.

Collaboration with suppliers

We collaborate with suppliers who adhere to the same sustainability principles. We select partners committed to environmentally friendly production processes and ethically responsible practices. We selecteren partners die zich inzetten voor milieuvriendelijke productieprocessen en ethisch verantwoorde praktijken.

Awareness and education

We aim to increase awareness about sustainability and circulatory, both within our company and among our customers. We provide information and educational materials to emphasise and promote the importance of sustainable choices.

Robust craftsmanship forms the foundation of every FRYER installation to ensure years of durability.
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