Frituur Tolpoort, Gent (BE)

At Frituur Tolpoort which you can find at Neuseplein 1 in Ghent, there is a baking wall in a compact space, but make no mistake here large quantities of the tastiest fries are fried! Frituur Tolpoort has wide opening hours from midday to night, allowing a wide variety of guests to come and enjoy their delicious fries and snacks. Due to the huge success, crowds and limited available space, Frituur Tolpoort needed a real frying beast! They now have this with a The FRYER Company frying wall!

    Owner of Frituur Tolpoort is very happy with the speed of frying.
    “You just notice the just that we can fry large quantities much easier in a short time. In addition, with an efficiency of 98%, this fryer is also energy-efficient. We are incredibly satisfied with the fryer.”