Den Appel, Aalst (BE)

Fresh Fries, Burgers and Snacks on the Gentsesteenweg in Aalst! With The Fryer Company’s innovative transfer fryer, Frituur Den Appel can pre-fry 10kg of fries at a time in no time!

This custom-made fryer installation was produced entirely according to the customer’s wishes, allowing them to work even more efficiently and serve their customers faster. In addition, the transfer not only ensures more capacity, but also that you have to do less physical effort. Very nice! Add to that the fact that the Fryer is also the most energy-efficient fryer in the world, a choice is easily made!

    “I am very satisfied with the fryer, the quality of finish to the technical choices that have been made, which ensure that the fryer is even more reliable. In addition, the transfer works fast and quiet which makes our work so much more enjoyable. The boilers are powerful at 32-38kW which allows us to fry large quantities with ease.”

    Owner of Frituur Den Appel