Restaria Appelscha

In beautiful Appelscha, you will also find a new Restaria, and not just any Restaria. This Restaria by Fred Korringa has a very wide range of snacks, burgers, schnitzels, but also serves delicious fried fish! This baking wall saves Fred on energy and oil costs due to its HR of as much as 98% (proven efficiency) and shallow flat-bottom boilers.

    “Details make even more of a difference such as our slat filters that are easy to clean though. Behind this filter in the baking wall, there are no edges, let alone sharp edges. So it is also easy and safe to clean there. The front panels are easy to remove, without having to undo screws if you want to do a big clean at the bottom of the baking wall. All in all, we have looked at and listened to the users and have a very user- and maintenance-friendly baking wall.”

    Fred Korringa, Restaria Appelscha